Become a tech volunteer or mentor

Want to help make Auckland’s tech industry stronger, more connected, and more diverse in as little as a few hours a year?

Sharing your time and experiences can change someone’s life. Sign up to become a tech volunteer in 2023 to support your tech community, boost your personal and professional development, and inspire and uplift new talent. 

Auckland’s tech sector - creating a more equitable industry  

Auckland’s tech sector is growing; however, data shows us that it does not provide equal opportunities for all, and you can help change that. The sector needs volunteers from a wide range of roles and backgrounds to help inform, support, and empower the next generation of talent, from welcoming them to the world of tech, to supporting them as they navigate their careers.  

Why volunteer?  

Volunteering helps to expand and enhance the talent pool, creating new pathways for people at different stages in their lives, whether they are school students, recent graduates, or those seeking a career change. 

As a tech industry insider, you can make a big difference. Consider giving back by volunteering in 2023 – it doesn’t take a lot of time and there are loads of benefits for you as well.

How you can help 

Mentoring is still one of the most common ways to foster relationships and longer-term learning, but there are plenty of ways you can help by offering just a few hours or a few days a year. You could also think outside of the box and explore how to create opportunities or implement your own programme in your workplace. 

Why it’s important  

“Volunteers' contributions are invaluable in helping create a more inclusive and accessible tech industry for all,” says Yekti Crow, Industry Engagement Manager at Summer of Tech. Summer of Tech is a programme that helps students learn about pathways in tech and gain job-ready skills. In 2022, the programme had 207 volunteers across New Zealand, enabling 434 work placements across Aotearoa, including 338 summer internships. 

“It is essential that the next generation of tech professionals can see themselves reflected in the industry, and volunteers play a vital role in inspiring them – especially those coming from underrepresented communities such as women, migrants, career switchers, Māori and Pasifika, LGBTQIA+, and people with visible and invisible disabilities,’’ adds Crow.   

It’s good for you, too  

Do you know that giving back to your community helps improve your own mental wellbeing? Doing good feels good. Volunteering and mentoring are excellent for professional development, too, as you can improve your presenting and relationship building skills, grow your network of industry peers, connect with people with diverse experiences and viewpoints, and create a point of difference for your CV. Ryan Bircham, Software Engineer and an alumni and volunteer at Summer of Tech says:

My favourite thing about volunteering at Summer of Tech is always the hope and recognition you can provide to someone. A lot of budding students don't realise how great they are, so it's great to be able to give them reassurance.

Get involved  

Ready to give back to your tech community in 2023? We’ve compiled an easy list of ways to volunteer – take a look here, sign up, and tell your colleagues!