Advancing Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland's Economy

Auckland’s Future, Now is an ongoing event series hosted by Tātaki Auckland Unlimited, the region’s economic and cultural agency. Since the first event held in August 2020 to advance Auckland’s economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, Auckland’s Future, Now offers a platform for open conversations about various opportunities and challenges facing our region.

It brings together Auckland’s leading business and economic thinkers, policy and decision makers to explore how the private and public sectors can collaborate to harness the region’s potential to build a better future.

Auckland’s Future, Now 2023

Auckland’s Future, Now 2023 is a series of bespoke events focused on how Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland – Aotearoa New Zealand’s global and gateway city – can re-engage fully with the global economy. In 2023, New Zealand’s borders are open, connectivity is returning and the barriers to trade and travel are reduced, all important milestones for our region.

Globally, countries, cities and firms are engaging with the changing global environment and with a sharper focus on adapting to climate change. Auckland is no different. Ensuring we can compete with other cities around the world is key to retaining and attracting the talent and investment we need for our communities and businesses to thrive.

Auckland’s Future, Now 2023 bespoke events are brought to life by Tātaki Auckland Unlimited in partnership with industry.

Competing in times of challenge and change

The first event in the series, Auckland’s Future, Now 2023: Competing in times of challenge and change, was delivered in partnership with Beca, one of Asia Pacific’s largest independent advisory, design and engineering consultancies, founded and headquartered in Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland.

The event focused on how Auckland can activate its strengths and build a platform for a competitive future in a challenging global environment.

Global cities and new leadership imperatives

Dr Tim Moonen, Co-founder and managing director of The Business of Cities (UK), provided an international perspective for Auckland. He highlighted global trends and best practice case studies about how global cities have re-invented place-based leadership models to enable growth and recovery.

Shifting the dial for Auckland

A panel discussion focused on opportunities and constraints impacting Auckland’s economic recovery, the merits of shared private-public responsibility for a better future, and the learnings Auckland can take from other global cities.

With Geoff Cooper, GM Strategy at New Zealand Infrastructure Commission; Rupert Hodson, Northern Regional Manager at Beca; Mair Brooks, Partner, KPMG New Zealand; Pam Ford, Director Investment and Industry at Tātaki Auckland Unlimited.

Competing in times of challenge and change

Explore Auckland’s Future, Now 2023: Competing in times of challenge and change, an economic insights paper prepared by Tātaki Auckland Unlimited.

2022 Highlights

Auckland’s Future, Now 2022 was held on Tuesday, 24 May. Designed to advance Auckland’s economic recovery from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, the event explored how the public and private sector could collectively support communities, businesses and industries through challenges including COVID-19, climate change and uncertainty.

Watch the 2022 event

Explore discussions and insights from the day with full recordings of the keynote speeches, panel discussions and Q&A sessions.

Harnessing Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland’s potential

With Pam Ford, Dr Anna Bardsley, Paul Majurey, Mark Thomas and Izzy Fenwick

Creative industries driving our recovery

With Matt Bostwick, Joel Little, Aliesha Staples, Maru Nihoniho, Imche Fourie

Our youth, our leaders

With Izzy Fenwick, Shazeaa Salim, Dewy Sacayan, Bella Conyngham, Pok Wei Heng

Open for business

With Joanna Norris, Scott Tasker, Rosalie Nelson, Mark Spencer, Michelle Hooper and Zion Armstrong

A tale of two cities

With Hinurewa te Hau, Tania Pouwhare and Trina Tamati

Saving the city centre

With Simon Wilson, Emma McInnes, Troy Clarry and Mark Thomas


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