Auckland business owners share their top tips to inspire others.

We talked to business owners across industries, from start-ups to well established businesses, from small to medium-sized business, asking for their top tips for fellow business owners.

They shared ideas from going online to going into collaboration with others, through to market validation for a new idea and looking after your people.

Take a look and see what could work for you.

Market validation

Winston, Ali, Rory and Leila

Hear four top tips from the co-founders of innovative Auckland agritech business, Cropsy Technologies.

Sammy Akuthota

Do it because you love it – that’s the advice for hospitality businesses from the owner of Satya Chai Lounge.

Dr Ju Zhang

Talk to your users early – and lots of them – says the Co-founder and CEO of Formus Labs.

Angus Brown

The co-founder of Ārepa, has a few top tips to share with other innovative F&B businesses in New Zealand.


Loheni Family

Understanding their market and telling their story is tip from family behind the Samoan Fashion Label, MENA

Sergio Maglione

Look after your customers like they are number one say Owner and Chef of Farina

Barbara Glaser

The CEO of Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra (APO) shares her tips on increasing your online presence to stay connected.

Manawa Udy

The Founder and CEO of Konei and Ngahere Ventures shares how content marketing gave them a big boost.


Maggie Chen

The General Manager (NZ) of Alpha Group says investing in your team is vital for businesses.

Brough Johnson

The Co-founder and CEO of Narrative Muse says businesses need to look at creating a diverse and inclusive organisation.

Jan Tonkin

The Conference Company’s Managing Director on being open minded and listening to your team.




James Coddington

The CEO of Joy Business Academy (JBA) talks about sharing challenges with other business owners.

Donald Shepherd

Collaboration is important; conversation is essential, says the Co-founder of Citizen.


Rene & Liv

The co-founders of Mama’s Brew Shop say reaching out for business support is absolutely essential.

1-1 Business Support

Ida Tristram

The Owner of Fraser Cars talks about reaching out for support.


Emily Miller-Sharma

The General Manager of Auckland fashion label RUBY recommends getting back to basics and defining your own role.

Joel Macreadie

Being open and honest is the way to go for the Co-founder of The Build Collective.


Yana Kirakovskaya

Papaya Stories' Founder and Creative Director reveals why prioritising rest is important.

Lakshman and Kim

Keep pushing your crazy ideas and practising your craft says Co-founders, Creature Post

Mark Taylor

This Senior Post Producer at Department of Post always seeks to turn a negative into a positive.



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