Growing Auckland’s economy – opportunities and challenges

Pam Ford General Manager of Economic Development Team at Auckland Unlimited

Auckland is New Zealand’s economic powerhouse, generating nearly 40 per cent of national GDP.  

Auckland is exploring how its response to the global pandemic and climate change can shape an economy that is resilient, regenerative and inclusive, one that continues to be a driver of national economic performance. 

Tātaki Auckland Unlimited‘s Economic Insights Series is designed to stimulate discussion about the region’s economic performance and future, and help decision-makers understand barriers and enablers of economic development.  

Pam Ford
Director, Investment and Industry
Tātaki Auckland Unlimited

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Mitigating climate change in New Zealand: impacts on Auckland’s economy

This insights report presents key findings from research quantifying the economic impact of the New Zealand Climate Change Commission’s national emissions reduction pathways in Auckland.

Areas examined in the insights report include GDP impacts and opportunities for Auckland; how jobs across the region could change in the transition to low carbon; and the importance of equitable transition plans.

This research is important because while national emissions reduction policies have an impact at a local level, they don’t necessarily consider regional economic factors.

The State of the City: Benchmarking Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland’s international performance 2023 

The State of the City study compares Auckland’s performance against global peer cities, to help us understand where we thrive, compete and can grow.  

The report benchmarks Auckland across key pillars of opportunity and prosperity, innovation and knowledge, culture and experience, and place and connectivity.   

This is important for identifying solutions for how we compete for talent, trade and investment, and to ensure our region is a great place for people to visit, live, work, invest and do business in. 

Auckland Economic Insights Series