Innovation hubs, shared co-working spaces, incubators and accelerators can all facilitate more rapid development of ideas, innovation and business growth.

Shared spaces throughout Auckland provide different ways of working and the opportunity to connect - and in some instances collaborate - with like-minded businesses and entrepreneurs. If you want to find an innovation hub, incubator or accelerator suited to your business and industry, Tātaki Auckland Unlimited can connect you with the right people to make it happen.

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Innovation hubs
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GridAKL is part of  the Wynyard Quarter Innovation Precinct in Auckland's downtown waterfront. GridAKL brings together place, community and services with a mission of growing innovative businesses, creating jobs and entrepreneurial talent to enrich the wider innovation community.

The FoodBowl – Te Ipu Kai

Part of the Food Innovation Network, The FoodBowl - Te Ipu Kai is Auckland’s state-of-the-art facility for food and beverage producers to test and develop new products. If you’re developing a new F&B  product or want to add to your existing range, the FoodBowl could be the place to do it.

Click Creative Tech Studios

Click Creative Tech Studios are social enterprise coworking spaces set up to enable New Zealand’s creative tech companies and individuals to rapidly up skill and become internationally focused, while providing a local home to connect and learn from each other. Click 1 is situated in Mt Albert and Click 2 is in Avondale.

Incubators and accelerators

Business incubators usually combine a business development programme with infrastructure, such as co-working spaces and networks, and are designed to nurture start-up businesses through their early development. 

Accelerators offer intensive, rapid-growth programmes - usually between three and six months - to get companies prepared for investors, commercialisation and their next phase of growth, within a short timeframe. 

An incubator or accelerator can help:
  • validate your idea or product
  • plan your business model and validate the market
  • build personal business skills
  • prepare you to pitch to investors
  • find the right space or environment to work in
  • find funding for investment and commercialisation.

Shared spaces

Shared spaces, also known as co-work spaces, offer flexible and affordable workspaces for a variety of businesses, from sole traders and business travellers to small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

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