Master your time to master your business 

Most of us could be better at managing our time, with over 90 per cent of business owners admitting they are often unproductive with their time. It’s one of the few valuable commodities we can’t buy or manufacture, and managing your time wisely is an important element of having a long-term, profitable business. 

The Marketing Company have recorded five free in-depth webinars, with a supporting workbook, to arm business owners with the right tools and mindset to productively manage their time. 

Join Jo Blowfield for topics such as prioritisation, delegation and managing distraction. 

Master your time workbook

Follow along with the course workbook while watching the modules.


Module 1 – Manage your focus

Learn techniques and processes to best use your limited time.

Module 2 – Prioritise your time

Learn the difference between urgent work and important work and how to prioritise both.

Module 3 – Prioritse and delegate

Figure out the difference between your large and small tasks and when it’s appropriate to delegate.

Module 4 – Remove distractions

It may seem easy to identify and mitigate distractions but in practice it’s a lot harder than you think.

Module 5 – Manage your environment

From meetings to workspaces and even what’s on your screen, it’s important to maintain a healthy work environment.