Corporate Plastic Waste is being transformed into useful objects


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Unique plastic recycling company who use the principles of circularity to transform corporate plastic waste from various sources into unique products that can be designed for the waste orginator or transformed into design-led products. Helping to solve our plastic waste problem.


This company can process all grades of hard and soft plastic from bubble wrap to plastic fishing nets (grades 1-7). Currently they are processing plastic for some of New Zealand’s largest corporate clients with B2B customers guaranteeing to buy back at least 100% of their own plastic in new plastic products. Examples include:

Man presenting Prince Charles with a stool that is made from recycled plastic
  • Turning ocean fishing nets into Taonga for Prince Charles

  • Bubble wrap, destined for landfill, transformed into the world's first flatbed trolley for freight companies
  • Plastic bags turned into retail joinery for The Warehouse Group
  • High value boxes created from plastic cable straws 
  • Transforming plastic milk bottles into desks, stools and coffee tables 
  • Consumer plastic waste made into board games for gift shops



Corporate plastic waste recycled and turned into usable products

New Zealand puts 252K tonnes of plastic waste into landfills every year which is 20% of our total waste volume. This company is helping turn waste into a profit for businesses whilst assisting with their corporate circularity responsibility. 


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