Understand Auckland’s economy with key insights, research and commentary.

Auckland Index

The Auckland Index uses hard data to provide a broad yet detailed, contemporary snapshot of the city’s status. You will find a range of valuable metrics here, including GDP growth, housing, construction and transport, and also retail, workforce demographics and consumer confidence. Go to the Auckland Index.

Auckland Growth Monitor

The Auckland Growth Monitor offers insights into Auckland’s economy and place on the world stage. GDP, exports, infrastructure development and confidence indices are reported on, as well as population, demographics, diversity and the labour market. There is also an in-depth look at Auckland’s sectors of focus, visitor economy and areas of business and employment. Read the latest Auckland Growth Monitor reports.

Auckland Economic Update

Contributing nearly 40% of New Zealand’s GDP, Auckland is the country’s economic powerhouse. Compiled by Auckland Council, this monthly update lists detailed metrics of great interest to business people. Learn about the city’s retail sales, weekly rent, tourism guest nights and much more on the Knowledge Auckland website.


The Treasury publishes central government policy documents on investment and fiscal strategy, as well as interim financial statements and economic updates. Business readers will also gain advice on everything from export credits to unclaimed money and debt management. Read more on the Treasury website.

Stats NZ

For detailed facts and figures, visit the website of Stats NZ, the government’s statistics department. You’ll find a vast resource of data on almost everything measurable – such as population, the labour market, the economy, business, society and the environment. Many of the datasets can be downloaded as Excel or CSV files. Read more on the Stats NZ website.

Auckland Unitary Plan

The Auckland Unitary Plan replaces a wide range of former policy statements from before the amalgamation of Auckland in 2010. The plan sets out the supercity’s vision for growth in all areas – from economic and housing development to safeguarding rural and marine environments. Find out more about the long-term direction of Auckland on the Auckland Council website.

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