Discover how to find and hire the right people for your business in Auckland, and some of the unique features of our employment law.

Employing staff

The Employment Relations Act 2000 is the principal document you need to know about, and it applies right across New Zealand. The same laws apply to people from overseas (with an approved work visa) as they do to local staff. The act regulates most aspects of employment, including hours and wages, holidays and parental leave, health and safety, privacy and work conditions. 

You can find out more at Employment New Zealand. For small businesses, the Hiring and Managing Staff information at gives you guides and templates, free of charge.

Recruitment sites

Whether you are starting a new venture or setting up a new branch, you’ll want to hire the best people in the market. Whether you need agency assistance or plan to run your own advertising campaign, the New Zealand government careers website has an extensive list of agencies and job vacancy websites

Work visas for overseas nationals 

Overseas nationals who don’t have New Zealand or Australian residency will need an approved work visa. Conveniently, there are a number of visa pathways for investors and for key staff who will set up your Auckland operation. Learn more on our Visa pathways page or the Immigration New Zealand website.

Related legislation

Voluntary superannuation

KiwiSaver is a voluntary superannuation scheme that all employers must offer to their employees. Participating employees contribute at least 3 per cent of their gross salary or wages to their fund of choice, with the 3 per cent matched by their employer. Learn more at the government’s KiwiSaver website.

Health and safety obligations

All businesses operating here must ensure, ‘so far as is reasonably practicable’, the health and safety of their workers. Failing to meet obligations can result in penalties under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015. See WorkSafe’s quick reference guide for more information.

Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC)

New Zealand has a no-fault accident compensation scheme that applies to citizens, residents and visitors, regardless of who caused the accident. No-one can sue for any costs or effects caused by an injury. The work injury scheme is paid for by employers through a business levy, while the road injury scheme is paid for by fuel and motor vehicle licensing levies. Read more at ACC.

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