Auckland is a thriving, business-friendly city. Hear from companies the team at Invest Auckland has helped establish and grow.

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Hillfarrance Venture Capital have chosen Auckland as their international headquarters because of the quality of entrepreneurs and numerous high growth investable opportunities here.
Group of Millennial's sitting around eating in cafe
94 Feet are a Melbourne property development and investment company. They saw an opportunity in Auckland for a boutique hotel targeting millennial travellers.
Evros, an Irish IT company, opened an office in Auckland to help them provide round the clock services to their expanding customer base on both sides of the equator.
Workers on production line in a factory
The company has come a long way over the last half century. It now sells 24 brands in Australia and New Zealand.
Large building surrounded by grass and trees
The call centre, based at the Unitec Institute of Technology in Auckland, is busy but its staff are operating with calmness and professionalism.
For 10 years, Jack Link’s New Zealand has sent 80 per cent of its production to the big US market, even though its American parent owner has five processing plants in its own country.