Why Auckland?

Urban, inclusive, diverse and stunning, Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland is an innovation hub of Asia-Pacific and the economic centre of New Zealand.

Tāmaki Herenga Tangata – ‘Auckland, the gathering place of people’ – is home to a third of the country’s population and generator of 40 per cent of its GDP. As a major skills, production, research and development hub of Asia-Pacific, it is an exciting place to live and do business. Blending sophisticated urban living with extraordinary natural beauty, the city offers a way of life that entices entrepreneurs, top talent and a stable workforce.

A fast-growing economy

Young and vibrant, Auckland attracts ambitious businesses and talented people.

Auckland is thriving. Home to a high density of serial entrepreneurs, the city is also transforming itself with some of the largest infrastructure projects in New Zealand’s history. With a stable and investment-focused economy, it provides an ideal environment for businesses and a great location for headquarters to serve the rest of the country.

Strategically located for Asia-Pacific

Asia will shape global trade and investment flows for years to come, and Auckland is in a strategic location to reach these markets.

Exciting opportunities to serve both Asia-Pacific and Western economies are plentiful thanks to our 13 free trade agreements, as well as full and free access to Australia.

Free trade agreements & friendly time zones

Agreements with Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea and Singapore, and new trade agreements with the United Kingdom and the European Union, create streamlined processes, reduced costs, more certainty and security for Auckland companies. A digital economy partnership between New Zealand, Chile and Singapore provides further advantages.

Physical proximity and overlapping time zones make Auckland-based companies well placed to be competitive in Asia-Pacific markets. And with a significant Asian population in Auckland, there is plenty of bilingual talent here to manage offshore relationships.

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Connected to the world

As one of the first cities to greet the new day, and with business hours complementary to key regional markets, an Auckland office allows multinationals to operate around the clock to serve markets in Europe, Britain and the US.

World-class digital infrastructure supports a thriving technology, film and TV sector in Auckland. Globally connected, with no fewer than five international submarine data cables, Auckland businesses enjoy excellent digital capacity, speed and resilience. This allows them to be globally competitive, while based in a city where a great lifestyle attracts top talent.

Modern, resilient infrastructure

Companies such as Warner Bros, Disney and Netflix all produce or commission digital products and services from Auckland, using ultra-fast bandwidth to deliver content to customers and partners around the world. 5G is accessible across central Auckland and suburban centres, and rolling out city-wide. And with the country’s largest airport, seaport and freight operations, Auckland is also the prime logistics hub in and out of New Zealand.

An Auckland office allows multinationals to operate around the clock to serve markets in Europe, Britain and the US.

Time zone difference

2 hours behind
Hong Kong
4 hours behind
West Coast USA
19 hours behind
East Coast USA
14 hours behind
12 hours behind

An easy place to do business

This business-friendly and politically stable environment offers a safe place to invest, with strong legal systems and IP protection.

Our deregulated, decentralised economy has simple structures across business, legal, regulatory and tax policies, leading to consistent rates of economic growth. Successive New Zealand governments have removed import barriers, reducing or eliminating most subsidies, and continue to encourage productive investment.

New Zealand ranks first in the world for ease of doing business, according to the World Bank. There are no restrictions, for example, on the transfer of capital, profits, interest, dividends or royalties into or out of the country.

There are no restrictions, for example, on the transfer of capital, profits, interest, dividends or royalties, into or out of the country – although the Overseas Investment Office (OIO) does control certain types of activity. There is no capital gains tax, stamp duty or payroll tax, and we have an internationally competitive 28 per cent business tax. See our business resources section for more detail.

NZ tax compared to Australia:

  New Zealand Australia
Corporate tax: 28% 30%
Payroll tax: 0% 4.85%
Capital gains tax: 0% 30%
Stamp duty: 0% 3-7%
Goods & services tax: 15% 10%
Superannuation: 3% 9.5%
Employment health tax: 1-2% 10%

An amazing place to live

Auckland has the highest quality of living in Asia-Pacific and ranks third in the world, according to the Mercer Quality of Living Survey 2019.

Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland is a stunning place to live, work and raise a family. Home to a diverse and vibrant culture, the city offers a balanced way of life that is rich with opportunity. Locals embrace the outdoors, arts and culture, food and sports. Surrounded by incredible natural beauty and beaches, and supported by quality health and education systems, Auckland makes a welcoming home for New Zealanders and migrants alike.

A skilled and stable workforce

Auckland’s unique combination of work and lifestyle attracts people looking for innovation, diversity and opportunity.

With an urban and natural environment like no other, Auckland is the preferred destination for most immigrants to New Zealand. This makes it easy for businesses to attract top talent and has led to a high density of serial entrepreneurs and a strong culture of innovation.

Home to 170 R&D institutes, three universities and two satellite campuses, all ranked in the top three per cent internationally.

We have a highly educated workforce. More than 34 per cent of adult Aucklanders hold a bachelor’s degree or higher, and there’s a pipeline of top graduates across all sectors. About a third of our residents speak two languages or more, with many Mandarin, Filipino, Malaysian and Indian speakers. Known for its manaakitanga (hospitality), the city fosters and welcomes diverse cultures, skills and talent.

Auckland entrepreneurs are developing technologies to solve some of the hardest problems – problems that matter most to the planet.

Rob Vickery
Hillfarrance Venture Capital

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