Published: 20 MAR 2020
Food and beverage

An innovative drinks manufacturer and distributor, Frucor launched its founding brand, Fresh Up, 50 years ago.


The company has come a long way over the last half century. It now sells 24 brands in Australia and New Zealand. This includes energy, sports, milk and soft drinks, fruit juices, pure and mineral waters, and iced tea.

The popular brand V, launched in 1997, and the Fresh Up, Just Juice and Simply Squeezed brands have made Frucor the market leader in energy drinks and fruit juice categories in Australasia.

And all of this from its base in Manukau, Auckland.

Frucor has a turnover of more than $500 million, employs more than 800 people, including 225 in Australia.

Backed by Suntory

Backed by owner Suntory, Frucor is taking its leading brands further afield and expanding markets in Argentina, Korea, Hong Kong, South Africa, Spain, Netherlands, Sweden, Belgium and Britain.

“Suntory has a ‘go for it’ attitude like us,” says Frucor CEO Mark Callaghan.

“They want us to grow not in profit only. They want us to build capacity, be more efficient, and to be great in 20 years time.”

Frucor is completing a $30 million upgrade of its manufacturing plant at Manukau. This includes adding a new production line. The company is also building a state-of-the-art distribution centre.

“We will have the most sophisticated grocery distribution warehouse in Australasia,” said Mr Callaghan. “We’ll be at the leading edge with semi-automated racking – a shuttle will run deep into the racking and move pallets. The only one we’ve seen like this is in Shanghai.”

Frucor has also entered a joint venture and is building a manufacturing plant north of Buenos Aires in Argentina.