The new Public Trading, Events and Filming Bylaw 2022 comes into effect on 26 February, replacing the current Auckland Council Trading and Events in Public Places Bylaw 2015.

What’s in it for filmmakers?

There are several changes of note for filmmakers. 

The bylaw:

  • refers specifically to filming, where film was previously categorised under ‘events’
  • provides a more precise definition of film and filming (Clause 5, Interpretation)
  • clarifies when filming approvals are required (Clause 6 - see the table on page 8 of the bylaw)
  • clarifies exemptions - again, see page 8
  • refers to specific controls and related information, including that the Auckland Film Protocol is a control (Clause 8)
  • provides links to the Auckland Film Protocol and other operational matters such as film permits, through related information notes throughout.

Why does it matter?

The bylaw makes explicit reference to filming. This is an important change, recognising the sector as separate from events. It also provides links to the wider regulatory framework - in short, the bylaw acts as a one-stop shop for film-related matters.

How did we get here?

Screen Auckland worked with the Auckland Council policy team for more than a year, providing feedback and educating the team on how filming activities operate. Screen Auckland put the policy team in touch with trusted industry representatives New Zealand Advertising Producers Group (NZAPG) and Film Auckland, which provided early engagement and feedback, ensuring industry was aware of opportunities to provide input. 

Industry’s role

The new bylaw reflects extensive input from industry, which was engaged throughout. The bylaw is the result of the industry as a whole participating in a new piece of fit-for-purpose legislation, and Screen Auckland would like to thank everyone who took the time to involve themselves in this important work.

Got questions or need support?

Contact our Screen Facilitation team.