If there's one thing Kiwi's do right, it's coffee. If you want to try some of the world's best coffee, look no further than Tāmaki Makaurau. 

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Founded by two sisters back in 2012, ARK Coffee Company promises a cup of coffee unlike any other. Director, Ulala, has delivered an experience to her customers, roasting and serving only the very best coffee. This really is the place to be for a steaming cup of caffeinated goodness.


Funky interiors and a warm environment makes Charlie & George an attractive option for your caffeine fix. Pair that morning brunch with a hot cup of Kokako coffee and you’ll be on your way.

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Deemed as one of the finest coffee roasters in Auckland, Coffee General will make coffee your way. With a range of specialties on offer, this café uses non-pressurised brewing equipment which allows the coffee to reach its potential. Sounds good to us.

Wynyard Quarter

Take in the beautiful surroundings of Williams Eatery, complete with polished concrete floors and wooden furnishings. 100% of the coffee is organic, ethically sourced and placed in 100% compostable packaging by Innocent Packaging. What could be better?

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Grey Lynn

Kokako coffee lovers rejoice! Using their very own beans, Postal Service is not only for the original coffee drinkers, but for those wanting to find their caffeine match. From flat whites to cold brews, the options are endless.


Red Rabbit isn’t one for conventional roasting and brewing methods. Clean, sweet, seasonal espresso blends are on offer, providing a depth of flavour to be enjoyed by all.

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Always fancied the idea of going to Barista School? The Apothecary not only offers great coffee, but the chance to become an expert on all things caffeine - keep your eye out for a range of coffee courses.


If a nutty brew is your thing, Tob Café will be right up your alley. Each barista is passionate about their craft, taking their time to get your cup of coffee just right. There isn’t a menu or a cabinet stacked with food in sight, making quite sure that coffee is in fact, the star of the show in this café.

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Founded by Yuki Shikano, Dear Deer Coffee has a family history spanning over 70 years. Shikano uses drippers and filters from Japanese company, Kalita, run by his granduncle back in the 1950’s. Choose the type of bean you’d like for your coffee and the barista will work their magic.

Manukau & Karaka

Manukau or Karaka, Urban Soul really is the heart of the South Auckland. Not only is the food here simply delicious, the coffee holds its own against its regional counterparts. Add child-friendly to your ‘reasons to visit’ list and you’ll be on your way to South Auckland in no time.

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